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About the Artist


Artist Joyce L. Major combines her passion for the outdoors with an equal passion for creating art. Since moving from Lake Tahoe to Hawaii, she now draws artistic inspiration from the spectacular tropical scenery of the Hawaiian Islands where she swims, kayaks, paddleboards, hikes, and enjoys the phenomenal island paradise of Hawaii. Her photography inspires her paintings.

Artist Statement

I attribute the unique characteristics of my work to my lifelong love of the outdoors and my scientific background. I tend to look much closer and longer at things than most people. The scene captures my initial interest, but it is the flooding of my senses - with light, smell, temperature, color, sound, form, composition - that holds me and keeps me obsessed throughout the painting process. So much so, that I always dream about my paintings while I am creating them. Hence, the name Dreamscapes.

Where to find Joyce's art

Joyce's paintings, photographs are available in Tahoe and Hawaiian galleries and art shows and exhibits. See the Showings page for more information.

Please contact Joyce directly if you are interested in acquiring an original or print directly, or in commissioning a painting. Click Buy Online to purchase either through Etsy listings. If there is something particular that you are interested in that is not listed, contact me.

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